This is a call to all true Conservatives to mobilize and get the word out to Santorum supporters that the battle lines are drawn and its a 2 man race now and a battle to save the Republican party from the liberal in a red suit Mitt Romney. I am so fed up with the establishment calling the shots I could scream and we now have been offered an opportunity to change the tide. Please reach out to Santorum supporters and bring them back because we need them to win. Please Santorum supporters come back and lets knock the chip off of the evil establishments and leftist media's shoulders and put our warrior Newt into the position to bring back prosperity to our great Country. This is the most important primary in our lives and if we don't fight its game over whether it's Mittens or Obama who is elected. If you were unhappy about 2008 this is the time to put the hammer down and begin the new Gingrich revolution 2012 and beyond.

I beg all of you to hit the Santorum groups talk to people on the streets and use every tool in your box to get this done. Santorum did not endorse Mitt and that speaks volumes. Let’s get our Santorum supporting brothers and sisters back on the team and if you’re not a member please join me at NEWT NATION on Facebook. This is a great day for us and we don’t have time for a party till we destroy Mitt Obama White Romney and purge the GOP of all RINO scum. I will tell you all now, I can never stand with Mitt Romney period based on principal and will never sell my soul again like I did in 2008! Enough is enough Tea Party Stand Up now and be heard! GOD BLESS AMERICA! PLEASE DONATE TODAY! LETS GET THE BALL ROLLING!