268142 214891721885810 100000949513453 545749 7898108 nAs I sat in front of the computer at 1 am, convalescing from whatever God-awful bug that's laying waste to my sinuses, throat, and lungs, I happened to take a peek at my Facebook page. A dear friend of mine (one of the very, very rare friends I have outside of Facebook), a very sweet girl whom I think of as a little sister, has Liked a photo. Now, I know she and I have different ideas about politics, and she is certainly entitled to her opinion...but if this is part of what is forming her opinion, then she is doing so based on outright lies. This article is to clarify things.

The picture is an Obama advertisement, which states:

If you give up on the idea that YOUR VOICE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, then other folks are going to fill the void-the lobbyists, the special interests, the people who are writing $10 million checks, the folks who are trying to keep people from voting, the politicians who want to tell you who you can marry, tell women they can't have control over their own health care choices. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE SURE THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN
-Barack Obama

As with so many things that come from this regime, the accusations made in this advertisement are more readily attributed to the Democrat and Obama himself than to anyone on the Right. So let's take this by the numbers:

-Lobbyists, special interests, the people who are writing $10 million checks. Obama made a promise when he was campaigning, that he would not allow such people to have a say in his administration. Almost immediately after his inauguration, he filled his cabinet with...lobbyists and special interest people. Here's a link to a list made in February 2009, just a couple of weeks after Obama was sworn in: hotair.com/archives/...administration/

And the $10 million checks have been written to HIM; from the unions, from George Soros, from foreign interests (which is highly illegal, by the way), from various green-tech interests (which in return received huge sums of money from TARP and the Stimulus, then went bankrupt, pocketing the cash and leaving the rest of us with the bill), and a variety of other unsavory characters, most of whom have clearly and unquestionably stated that they want our country to go down in flames.

Obama wants you to think that big business fat cats are bank-rolling the Tea Party and the GOP...but the fact is, the vast majority of the money these two groups are taking in comes from regular old middle class folks. Not writing $10 million checks, but rather millions of people writing $5, $10, $20, or $100 checks. What Obama doesn't say is that those records are public, anyone can see for themselves who's getting the big checks.

-The folks who are trying to keep people from voting. This is about Voter ID, the idea that if someone is voting, they should have to show legal ID, like a drivers license, to prove they are who they say they are, and are legally allowed to vote. The only people we DON'T want voting are illegal aliens, who are not supposed to be voting in our elections anyway. No country in the world allows illegals to vote in their elections, particularly not Mexico, who has far more strict laws regarding illegal aliens than what's currently on the books (which isn't even being enforced, per Obama's edict.) And as many news stories have uncovered, many voter rolls in major cities contain TENS OF THOUSANDS of registered voters...who are DEAD. And have been for quite some time.

Now, if we want to talk about who's trying to keep people from voting, we can take a look at the New Black Panther Party from 2008, who had members standing outside polling locations, brandishing weapons and hurling racial epithets at Caucasians. It was a slam-dunk case, and Obama's Department Of Justice dropped it and refused to prosecute. Now the NBPP is saying they're going to do it again this year.

Further, Obama is suing to keep members from the military from voting. Whether you agree with the war or not, these men and women are risking their lives, every second of every day, to keep our nation and its citizens safe...but Obama doesn't want to allow them a vote because he knows that they are NOT happy with the job he's done as Commander In Chief. Just imagine the stink if a sitting President tried to deny voting rights to say, Muslims.

-The politicians who want to tell you who you can marry. Marriage is not a government institution. It's a religious institution. And as per the First Amendment, the government CAN NOT dictate dogma to a religion, and like it or not, all three of the major religions in this country; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, consider marriage to be an act between a man and a woman.

Which is why there are civil unions in many states. You get all the trappings of marriage, minus the religious aspect. You can adopt, you can be on each other's insurance, you can give power-of-attorney to your partner, he or she can visit you in the hospital, and if you split up, you go through pretty much the exact same process as hetero couples. This is what is already allowed, and has been for a few years now. So what's the kerfuffle?

Religion. Given that civil unions afford everything a religiously-documented marriage gives, it must be that these folks don't like the fact that religion isn't okay with their lifestyle choice. So rather than do what the rest of us do when we encounter people who get pissy about our lifestyle choices and just ignore the twits, these folk have decided they should be able to FORCE religions to ignore their own doctrine. I would like to remind those of such an opinion that the laws that prevent them from doing so are the same laws that prevent people from forcing THEM to change THEIR sexual preferences.

One last quick thing...it's not politicians who decide such things. It's the people. A few years back, in California, the gay marriage issue came up for a vote. An overwhelming majority of California votes decided that they preferred that marriage remain between a man and a woman. CALIFORNIA, one of the most left-wing states in our country. ONE JUDGE decided to negate the vote entirely, even though he did NOT have the authority to do so, and the politicians upheld it, AGAINST the will of the people.

-Tell women they can't have control over their health care choices. No one but the Democrats are saying this. This isn't about women being refused a choice in their health care...this is about the rest of us being FORCED to shell out the cash for her health care choices, specifically her birth control. Most private insurance companies only asks for a co-pay, and if you're on government health care, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure your pills are already free. What this really is is a end-run to force everyone to pay for abortions, despite the fact that, in nearly every poll taken since Roe v Wade first came about, the majority of American voters feel that abortion should be illegal. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice isn't the question here. The question is, who should pay for it? Which goes back to the fundamental concept of personal responsibility; if you don't want to become pregnant, then it is your responsibility, and your partner's, to prevent it. Typically, no one is forcing you to have sex; you are CHOOSING to do so. And as with all choices in life, there are consequences to that choice. One of them is pregnancy. If I make a poor decision (and I've made quite a few) I am the one who has to pay for it. My choice, my responsibility. If I decide to set my car on fire, I don't have the right to demand someone give me rides to and from work every day.

As things stand right now, women can make whatever choices they wish for their health care...and they have to pay for their choices, just like everyone else. Under Obamacare, however, those choices tend to narrow considerably. For example, women will be severely restricted on how often and at what age they're allowed (note that word ALLOWED) to have a mammogram. I'm not saying you ladies are just itching to get your breasts crushed in a machine, but if you self-examine and find a lump at the tender age of 25...well, that's just too bad. The government has decided, without ever hearing your voice or seeing your face, that you're probably mistaken, that you don't need an expensive examination like that. And that's just one example, one tiny glimpse at what health care choices Obamacare intends to control and remove.

A little side note here...abortion is currently legal in this country because of a Supreme Court decision based on a case that was later proven fraudulent (the plaintiff admitted the rape did not occur), and used one judge's opinion instead of the Constitution (which they are NOT supposed to do), and as a result, people who disagree with abortion are still forced to pay for them...meanwhile, the Second Amendment IS a clear-cut definitive Constitutional right, and yet the government will not even consider using tax revenue to pay for my gun, get licensed with it, or pay for the ammunition. In fact, they want to take the RIGHT to own a weapon away from us. Apparently the Democrats are perfectly fine with the slaughter of 55 million babies since 1973 (statistical fact: less than 12% of all abortions since it became legal were listed for health reasons, and less than ONE percent for rape/incest...despite the fact that these were the exact reasons given for making it legal in the first place) but the idea of being able to defend one's own life or the life of a loved one is just crazy.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If someone wants to disagree with me, that's fine. I don't always agree with myself (I'll let you figure that one out). The beauty of our country is that we CAN have our own opinions, and we can state them without fear of imprisonment or execution. But as with our health care choices, we have a responsibility to keep ourselves INFORMED. If we're going to proclaim our opinions, we have to make sure that it is based on fact, not someone else's opinion, and certainly not such an easily provable fraud as this.

BY   Steve Tfmo Elmore

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