yoders baconI need your help.

I need a quick favor, and to encourage you to say yes, I've decide to
give away a case of canned bacon and someone reading this is going to
win it. Will it be you?

So, do you want it?  Here's the deal:

In order for my book to become an official "Best Seller" on Amazons
Kindle I need real customers, with real sales, and real testimonials
on Amazons web site. What is surprising is that it does not take a
million orders to become a Best Seller, if only 50 people buy the book
it most likely make it on the Best Seller list. Will you help me?

What's a better way to motivate you to help me than with an "ethical
bribe”?  Are you and a few other readers willing to buy my new Kindle
e-book for just $.99 cents and then just write a nice testimonial?
Really, that’s less than $1. If you like the book, please give it 5
star rating.

I don't know if 2 people will do this for me or 100 people, but the
odds of you winning the case of bacon are better than the lottery!

On Tuesday, Dec 17, 2014, the names will be taken directly off Amazons
review web page and Rambo will put all the names in jar and pick the
winner. I will ship the case of can bacon to the winner no matter what
country you live. All for just for buying a $.99 cent book and writing
a nice review.

And remember if you don't win, you still get a great price on an “End
of the World” survival book that you probably would want to buy
anyways. After Sunday, December 15, 2014 the price goes back to the
normal $6.99.

If you want to help, you need to buy the book during this promotion
period of Friday, December 12 – Sunday December 15, 2014 and write a
review. Amazon readers give more credibility because the purchase can
be verified as an Amazon purchase of the book.


For those of you that have read part 1 and 2 you can get your name
enter twice. By posting a second review on this link. This is all 3
books combine. http://www.amazon.com/Reality-Bites-Bruce-Buckshot-Hemming-ebook/dp/B006PMRX2K/
Post a review on both books and you name is enter twice in the
drawing. Can you say twice the chance of winning bacon?

Even if you have already read the book it only .99 cents to enter and
post a review. Last contest only 35 names were in the bowl to pick a
winner. That is great odds.

Please don’t forget to buy the book this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
Monday is too late.

Winner will be announced at 8pm central Tuesday... you got 24 hours to claim.

Join Grid Down if you are not a member at this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/313852578674878/ We will announce the winner there.