European Union,

  • steve rawsonA Welsh man living in the EU. As a kid growing up in Wales we learned that we obeyed what Parliament decided and there were some things that our parents were allowed to vote on, but there was something called the European Economic Community, later known as the European Community and the European Union, this controlled most of the countries on the continent of Europe.

    To me this seemed very strange as I had sat and listened to my grandparents tell me about times before the Second World War and after, when Great Britain was an Island Sovereign Nation, where we exported over 70% of what we produced and how people used barter arrangements and turned every available inch of garden and window box into useable planting area or even sheep or goats in the garden. Now things weren’t quite like that growing up for me.

    My parents and grandparents still used barter arrangements with various people, there was a noticeable lack of people gardening and the like due to law being passed down from the EU and the English Parliament could do nothing about it. The National Health Service was now under strength due to the amount we had to give to the EU, there were more taxes to pay so my father was spending longer in work to try to earn the same amount.

    My mother had to work three jobs to make ends meet. My own time in the Navy was mostly spent being deployed to various places and watching other EU countries turn and leave for home because they didn’t want to be part of said conflict. I was deployed to fishery protection duties and 90% of the offenders were members of the EU but were never prosecuted, but if a Brit made a minor infraction he was punished severely, it seem that the EU liked to pick and choose when it wanted to play by the rules….

    Now Britain has finally fought back! We will shake off the shackles of the big bully, if Wales will one day be free of England then we have made a strong start by defeating the biggest bully in the playground first of all. Thankfully it has begun in my time! The longest journey begins with a single step! Cymru am beth! Wales forever!

    by Steve Rawnson, Welsh Patriot