Rambo Lybrand,

  • 0000000000000000tOk folks if you don't know what is going on HSUS is in Maine this year fighting to close down bear hunting with hounds and baiting. From what I understand they are using a try and true method of lies and deception to fool people. With a 3 million dollar budget to crush the small town rural Americans who earn a living being bear guides. 93% of bears are killed using these methods. Without it the bear population will explode and they will end up with people being killed and or attacked.

    There is old saying nothing is going to hurt you but bears. Bears will kill you.

    In Florida bears are protected and not hunted. What that means is they have no fear of man end result is women attacked. Do you really want some Grandmother taking out the garbage at night and ripped up because of the liars in HSUS? http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/13/us/florida-bear-attack/

    Here is another recent attack. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/09/23/rutgers-student-believed-killed-by-new-jersey-first-fatal-bear-attack-in-150/

    There is no hunting in the area so once again the bears are not taught to fear mankind. Other State that banned hound hunting on large predators like bears and cougar end up with children and women attacked and killed or seriously injured. A great book if you want to read up on it is the true story called The Beast in The Garden. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0044XV6GG?btkr=1 I will give you fair warning the book has the actual autopsy pictures and is very graphic.

    Back in the 90's I was living in Michigan and the HSUS came in trying the same tactic. Flooding the radio and TV and radio with false information. We stop them. But I remember clear as day the video they were pimping was a fake out in California hound hunting and I seriously think it was staged fake video. A stage video is where the animal rights group hire actors or pay someone off to make hunters look bad. That is what they are doing here trying to make hunters look bad. I hear the video they are using was not even recorded in Maine making it seriously doubtful of containing any truth. What animal rights groups do is record hundreds of hours of video and click snip edited to make the outcome totally different than reality. It's called creative editing. It base on formula to get the most money donated. Love hate. Don't you just love the Mommy bear and her cubs. Now look here is bad hunters with hounds or hunting killing Mommy bears and the cubs starve to death. Send your money now. Even though shooting female bears with cubs is illegal and rarely happens the public doesn't know that fact. They run on emotions instead of facts.

    As hunters this is all of fights. HSUS plan is to end all hunting piece meal. They are winning folks. Time we as hunters stand up to the multi Million dollar HSUS and their lawyers and stop them.

    Donate what you can. Because if you don't they will be coming to your state next. If ever single hunter would donate only $1 they would have the money to fight them. $1, $5, $10, or more all adds up.

    This our fights as hunters please stand up and do your part to preserve hunting.


  • Measure 1 Abortion Declares in the state constitution that life begins at conception

    I will be voting yes on measure one. This is by far the most important measure on the ballot. This will define the laws already on the books to prevent radical liberal judges from overturning the will of the people.

    Measure 2 Taxes Prevents the state from imposing mortgage, sales or transfer taxes on the mortgage or transfer of real property

    I will be voting yes on measure 2 because voting no leaves the door open for new taxes. We are taxed enough already!

    Measure 3 Education Abolishes elected State Board of Higher Education and replaces it with appointed Commission of Higher Education

    I will vote yes on this measure because no means I am giving a thumbs up to writing blank checks to a system that has been poorly managed. Change is not always bad.

    Measure 4 Direct Democracy Requires measures that have significant fiscal impacts on the state to be voted on at a general election

    This measure I will vote NO because I trust the people on fiscal issues more than politicians. My stance against 5 might make me vote yes on this but my faith in the people of North Dakota I believe they will vote it down.

    Measure 5 Taxes Redirects some of the state's oil tax revenues to conservation efforts


    Measure 6 Divorce & Custody

    Creates a legal presumption that each parent is a fit parent and entitled to be awarded equal parental rights by a court

    I will be voting YES on this. The days that mothers get everything in a divorce automatically need to be over. I hear women scream for equal rights but happily except the verdicts from judges in their favor for being women. Dads can raise kids also. Going to divorce court on a legal equal footing is true equality.

    Measure 7 Business Removes requirement that majority ownership in a pharmacy be held by a registered pharmacist

    I will be voting yes on this measure. The current law picks winners by preventing everybody for taking part in the free market. I am a believer in the greatest system in the history of the world capitalism. I understand that many of the no people fear losing there livelihood but Im sure Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens will be looking for good pharmacist.  1 dollar generic meds will benefit North Dakota especially during flu season.

    Measure 8 Education Mandates that school classes begin after Labor Day

    I will be voting YES on this measure. Its still cold when the kids get out of school and I would love to get a little more time with my kids in late summer vs late spring.

    Well that's how I am voting on the North Dakota measures and I really hope you all join me in rocking the vote. VOTE YES ON 1!!!



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