A extended  1 hour 30 minute Special broadcast this Sunday March 11, 2012  is the Author of USA vs ESA John Andre. A candidate for the LT Governor of Montana. To say his book is well put together and shocking informative is not giving the book the credit it truly deserves.

Did you know that US Fish and Wildlife Service has a SWAT team? What dangerous mission is this SWAT team used for. RAIDING AMERICANS BUSINESS'S, that's right, in one case over a dead desert tortoise that most likely died from natural causes, this dead tortosie caused a raid with flak jacket, Bullet proof helmets and assault rifles ready to mow down innocent office staff. That is just one of outrageous cases in the book.

Sunday March 11, 2012  10 PM ET,  9 PM CT, 8 PM MT, AND 7 PM PT
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This book will get your blood boiling at the abuses to the people of America where animals, mice, rats, and anything they can dream up has more rights then you do.

Hospitals are being moved, and ambulances slowed to a crawl, to protect the Delhi Sands Flower Loving Fly? It cost an airport in Maine $1,000.000.00 to move 15 New England Cottontail Rabbits?

Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Team Sportsmen - U.S.A. vs. E.S.A.

This might be the most important book you ever read.

Spread this show to all your friends get involved before you are arrested for killing a mouse in your house or shooting a rat in your barn. Remember according to the USFWS animals have more rights then you do.

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Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Team Sportsmen - U.S.A. vs. E.S.A.

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