0000000000000gBeans and rice is not that expensive and it is something everybody can stockpile. This is why I build my 30 day prep boxes around it. I don't have to tell most of you why the combination of beans and rice is so important but for those that might not know its a complete protein. The next common complaint is beans and rice will get old the first week. That is true and that is why we build around that as a base.

I am feeding 4 and based on how my family eats too last 30 days my base of beans and rice have to be 30 pounds of beans and 40 pounds of rice. This is not a scientific measure I just know that 1/4th pounds of beans each and a pile of rice is plenty for my small group on the survival level. My daughter would not even eat that much after it was cooked. Beans and rice both expand during the cooking process. But the plan isn't just to survive its to thrive.

Building the cheap 30 day prep box is a matter of using what you have and looking for sales at the store on cheap long shelf life items. For example cans of soup, canned vegetables, canned meats are all good items that last years and if you just add to the box a little at a time it will never break the bank. Salt is important and I would also add spices. Water mix pancake batter is awesome and easy to make on a camp stove. Honey is expensive but it is something every prep box should have because it has no shelf life and its very good for you. I also add syrup and rotate it. Coffee and flavored drink mix is a must for my box.

This is an example of a 30 prep box.

THE BOX~ A large plastic tub or even a clean new plastic trash can works great.

30 pounds of dry beans (variety)

40 pounds of white rice

30 pounds of water mix pancake batter

1 pound of salt

seasonings- pepper, garlic powder, creole seasoning, chili powder

4 pounds of honey

2 bottles of dark Karo syrup

can veggies (10 of each) corn, peas and carrots

2 bottles of soy sauce

10 packets of onion soup mix

10 small cans of tuna

10 cans of wolf brand chili

12 cans of Campbells soup- 6 cream of chicken, 6 cream of mushroom

3 12 pack boxes of Ramen Noodles 1 chicken, 2 beef

3 10 0z vacuum packs of coffee

6 already sweetened containers of koolaid.

No, can foods don't offer the same nutritional value as fresh or frozen but with something like this you will fly through 30days combined with what you already have in your house with no services or help with no problems. You just have to make sure you have a means to cook it. The fact is most SHTF scenarios don't last 30 days. If you can put together something like this you wont be the one begging if you experience an natural disaster. 30 days food prep will get you through most the situations that we face around the USA. This is for the most part cheap and best of all it is portable. If you have to go drag the box to the car and throw it in. Hope this helps give some of you new preppers ideas on how to thrive through most disasters.. Much love to you all ~Rambo Lybrand

GOOGLE WATER STORAGE~ There is many ways to store water do the research and find whats best for you.