prissy 50calHave you ever considered how you would handle a simple medical problem, injury or even an actual medical emergency while on a hike or in a survival situation? It only takes a split second for a simple hike to turn into a survival situation.
Some people have bought first aid kits, but do you know how to use them properly or what interventions are necessary for your current circumstances?
Let's start simple as an example. Your on foot 50 miles in the wilderness and your partner falls and cuts their hand deeply. You don't have any antiseptic or clean water, but there's a running stream close by. Do you rinse it out before applying a pressure dressing or not? Or, someone in your party falls and hits their head, they have a loss of consciousness for about 1 minute. What interventions are indicated and what symptoms would you evaluate to know if there's a more serious problem developing?
Whether your on a simple day hike or 100 miles from civilization its very important to know basic first aid, what supplies to bring and how to use them.
Sit and think, are you actually prepared for a medical scenario mentally, physically and are you properly equipped? I hope you have answered yes to these questions.
Either way tune into our show on December 20th. I will be discussing different possible problems from a basic simple cut to a medical emergency. I will be discussing possible problems that maybe encountered, evaluations that will need to be done and the proper interventions to help ensure a successful situation. Please call in with any information you can add and feel free to ask any questions.
Don't forget the prize is a first aid kit that values between $300-$400.
The show will be live December 20th at 9pm central/10pm eastern at this link