brucecoverThe newest book has been released and I must say what a pleasure to read. Some say it’s the best one the author has ever done. It’s emotional roller coaster for sure and you can see the author has really worked hard on giving you a page turner. As one review said- “The trials, tribulations, battles, love, loss, and lessons learned all come together wonderfully in this well written, edge of your seat thriller.”

Edge of your seat thriller for sure I don’t want to give away the story line but think Ghost in the Darkness meets end of the world. I am struggling hard not to give away spoiler ruining the story for you but there is one scene in the middle of the night I was right there with the character breathing hard, adrenaline racing, heart pounding, Oh my God I am going to die intense feeling. Very few authors can master a storyline to suck you in that far.

I think that’s why I like this author so much, things don’t go perfectly for them, mistakes happen people die. It can be intense you feel like the characters are your friend and you feel their lost. Argument happen, it’s not one big happy family all the time.

Mix in with all the great storyline is survival tips. Real survival tips not fluff from a wannabe prepper. I enjoy reading the tips blended in flawlessly to the storyline.

What can I say I highly recommend this book and the whole series of Grid Down. Even if you have not read the rest of the books I think you would enjoy this one for the great writing. Do yourself a favor and order yourself a copy available at the link in Kindle or Paperback.