nopc part 1Enough is enough! In Benghazi Libya, earlier in March 2012, a group of local Muslims decided to show their thanks to the western world (United States, United Kingdom, France and NATO) for helping support the ousting of their Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. At the Benghazi War Cemetery, they vandalized the graves of World War II veterans. Kicking over and smashing gravestones, and then breaking up a large Christian Cross.

The video below demonstrates their actions with a sampling of clips from the event. This video is an inspired response to the indignation presented by the Muslim world toward the rest of the non-Muslim people of the world. Hosted exclusively here at, it demonstrates how to make an unholy Koran a holy Koran.

Making an Unholy Koran - Holy

Full video of the WWII cemetery desecration here: Muslims Destroy Graves of WWII Heroes

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