rambo beard picThis is how I feel about the whole anti police crap I am seeing all over the Internet right now. I am not saying that all cops are good or that all people in the big city are bad. However if you’re going to jump on the anti-police bandwagon you might as well just write checks to Reverend Al Sharpton and throw your hat in with the liberals.

I am no fan of cops personally, but the problem is not with the cops it is political; victimization of the perpetrators of bad behavior through the media and popular culture has decayed the morals in the big city communities. The youth are not taught respect and as a result they grow up into monsters that leech off of society thinking they are entitled to it. The “victim mentality” is being supported vs. sharing the true facts and finding out how to fix these problems.

Sending cops to classes to learn how to cope with these entitlement people is idiotic and not going to cure the true ills of the inner city environment, that is like trying to treat cancer by talking nicely to it. I get so frustrated seeing everything that is happening that I lash out and say things I shouldn't, when people are being idiots its hard not too.

People need to stand up against the whole “politically-correct-tread-on-egg-shells” trash. The truth is hard to swallow. Stand against the individuals that make the cops look bad but don't stand against them all. Like I said, I am not a cop fan but those men and woman are doing a job that people hate them for and even go as far to help the people that hate them.

In every war people get hurt and some die. There will always be collateral damage. I just ask that you do the math and look at the facts. The fact is cops cause much less harm in society than criminals do, they kill less people than criminals do, rape less people than criminals, and invade fewer homes than criminals.

It is true that I would like to see the cops walk off the job in the big cities but most of them have higher standards than that. I would love to see more riots and looting caused by the absence of the police but again they have higher moral standards than that and would never do it.

And the thing that frustrates me so much more is that the very people that hate cops that will be the first to call them when they need them and I would just love to see them not getting that help and being truly victimized themselves. There will always be bad cops and good cops but standing against them all is ridiculous on every level. I am now done with my rant have a nice day. ~Rambo Lybrand

Here is some of the death statistics of things that killed more people than cops in the USA in 2014. YES FALLING OUT OF BED KILLS MORE PEOPLE THAN COPS!
Abortion:    1020148
Heart Disease:    557318
Cancer:    538741
Tobacco:    326968
Obesity:    286797
Medical Errors:    196181
Stroke:    120447
Lower Respiratory Disease:    133536
Accident (unintentional):    118118
Hospital Associated Infection:    92485
Alcohol:    93419
Diabetes:    68972
Alzheimer's Disease:    79382
Influenza/Pneumonia:    50284
Kidney Failure:    39948
Blood Infection:    31262
Suicide:    36917
Drunk Driving:    31583
Unintentional Poisoning:    29668
All Drug Abuse:    23360
Homicide:    15694
Prescription Drug Overdose:    14013
Murder by gun:    10737
Texting while Driving:    5595
Pedestrian:    4671
Drowning:    3657
Fire Related:    3270
Malnutrition:    2590
Domestic Violence:    1364
Smoking in Bed:    729
Falling out of Bed:    559