16142524 10211908404855714 4890489872477768704 nIt is very simple to understand why I support our new president. I have fought for a decade trying to get the illegal immigration issue brought to prime time of the media. I never thought in a million years Donald Trump would be that man to blow up the establishment on this issue. I am a Tea Party Conservative and member of the Cruz Crew that hates both sides of the establishment. I put 1000s of hours into research into those who ran for president. Based on that research I could not vote for Trump. Based on some of his past actions I could not vote for him. Actions speak louder than words and Trumps actions now are proving that somewhere along the way he had a change of heart. What he has done in his first week has made me a beleiver. Don't tell me bull shit if you want to make me a beleiver, show me in action! Trump is proving every day he did mean what he said and I am very happy with him. Trump has done in a short time what we have failed to do for years. Thank you Mr President you are giving me real hope. Now lets build that wall and enforce immigration law.


   #RamboLybrand #TeaParty