obama sorryThe video below [My Apology to President Karzai on Behalf of Americans] is going viral! There is so much Obama does that gets me down, but Friday I was in a funk. Everywhere I looked, was the news that Obama apologizes to afghanistan, taliban and muslims. The White House says the burning of korans was "a mistake." That's the majority of reporting you'll see.

What's not being said, is that their muslim holy book was being burned...as a normal and respectable means for disposal of old or damaged korans.  The books were damaged! Muslim detainees were writing coded messages in them! Writing in a koran is considered punishable BY DEATH! So, the military tries to respectably destroy the damaged korans, and in return the locals start killing Americans and others as well as rioting. Where is THEIR OWN outrage at those in THEIR OWN "religion" defacing THEIR OWN holy book?

Nope! Not going to happen. Instead, Obama took it upon himself to once again apologize to America's enemies and those who murder and harm our American soldiers and civilians! Made me ill! So my mood wasn't that great until yesterday when I saw "My Apology to President Karzai on Behalf of Americans" appearing all over Facebook and the Internet. It cheered me up. Please watch, enjoy and share!