HSHHJMy dear friend Rambo messaged me with this, from an idiot at the Daily Kos:

Conservative Friends, Do you have an answer for this list? There is a list going around, and liberals are pasting it on facebook it's from Daily Kos it's "25 Reasons that we are better off than 4 years ago" It list all of these things that Obama has done by himself without Republican help, in fact Republican's supposedly opposed everything on this list including #22 Killed OBL. If there is an answer to this list, I'd like to post it, if you know where one is please send it, or if you have answer to any items on this list, please answer and reply back, so we can all post it. I know of a conservative page that will post it. 1. Saved the banks
2. Brought the stock market from 6,500K to 13,000K
3. Saved GM
4. Repealed DADT
5. Ordered a Mini Dream Act
6. Created 4.3 million jobs
7. 27- straight months of private-sector job growth
8. Passed Healthcare
9. Ended the war in Iraq
10. Drawing down from Afghanistan
11. Doubled the Number of Border Security Agents
12. Appointed First Hispanic Justice
13. Restored America's Standing in the world
14. Dealt effectively with the BP Oil Spill
15. Dealt effectively with the Pirate Crisis
16. Dealt effectively with H1N1
17. Kept America Safe
18. Passed Financial Reform
19. Passed a Credit-Card Bill of Rights
20. Passed Equal Pay for Women
21. Nearly Wiped out Al Qaeda
22. Killed OBL
23. Added Eight-yeas (sic) of solvency to Medicare
24: Quit smoking
25: and got a dog dailykos.com/story/2012/09/03/1127202/-25-Reasons-Why-We-are-Better-Off-Today-than-Four-Years-Ago

How could I pass up a challenge? So here it is, kids, BY THE NUMBERS:

1: Saved the banks. This is an absolutely ludicrous statement, especially consider the staggering number of banks that have been forced to close since Usurper took the office. Here's the link: fdic.gov/bank/individual/failed/banklist.html

One must also consider WHY the banks failed, the reasons are twofold: first is the Housing Nightmare, and the Usurper was up to his elbows in that mess...and second was the fact that unscrupulous bankers were engaging in insanely risky gambles, which they NEVER would have even considered, had it not been for the GOVERNMENT promising our tax dollars to bail them out if they lost (psst...if their gambles had paid off, those same tax payers would never have seen a thin dime of it.) FAIL.

2. Brought the stock market from 6,500K to 13,000K See above; the stock market crashed because of the Usurper and his cadre of commie fools screwing around with economy and covering Fannie and Freddie's ass over all these subprime loans. Subprime, children, means it's a loan that is at maximum risk of never being repaid. The government forced banks to make loans to people who could not afford them, and then the inevitable came to pass: they defaulted.

Folks wonder why the other countries of the world hate us right now? It has nothing to do with the war on terror; it's because our idiotic government sold them these subprime loans, they invested heavily in these loans, and when they went sour, THEIR economies tanked, too. And since the Usurper was smack dab in the middle of the CAUSE for all this hardship, he gets NO credit for "fixing" it.

3: Saved GM No, he saved the Auto Workers Union bosses. Remember, the lovely little deal he cut completely screwed the investors, who had been contractually guaranteed that if such a thing were to occur, their investments would be protected. And how's GM doing lately? Their shares are at a 90 year LOW.

4: Repealed DADT Who the hell cares? Frankly I think ALL members of the military should be Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Our soldiers aren't there to compare sexual preferences and exploits; they're there to PROTECT OUR NATION.

5: Ordered a Mini Dream Act You say this like it's a good thing. It isn't. It's a circumvention of the laws of our nation. You want to change a law, there are several ways to do that. Imperial demands are not one of them, nor is our country reaping any benefit from it.

6: Created 4.3 million jobs This is a BLATANT LIE. Anyone OUTSIDE of the White House will point to the FACTS, that the Usurper and his cadre have cost us far, far more jobs than they've created, and the few jobs they HAVE created are public sector jobs. You can not grow an economy by creating only jobs that are paid through tax revenue.

7: 27- straight months of private-sector job growth Another deception (whoda thunk it?) The job growth ascribed to the Usurper has occurred DESPITE his efforts, and the amount of growth is so infinitesimal as to be an insult to anyone with more than three functioning brain cells.

8: Passed Healthcare If by "passed" you mean "rammed down the throats of every man, woman, and child in America" then yes. The majority of Americans DID NOT WANT THIS, according to EVERY poll taken during the months of debate. And whether it is a good idea or not is moot; it is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE that is supposed to define our country, not the whims of a handful of politicians. The people made their desire VERY well known...and the Usurper CHOSE to ignore it.

9: Ended the war in Iraq Ended the war. Cute. "ENDING" a war is as nebulous a term as "CHANGE". Someone taking a machete to your leg is a "change", but probably not one you'd like. Similarly, when a war ends, there is a winner and a loser. Given the state we're leaving Iraq in as the Usurper "ends" the war, neither we nor the average Iraqi citizen is the winner here.

10: Drawing down from Afghanistan See 9.

11: Doubled the Number of Border Security Agents If you refuse to allow the border agents to do their jobs, prosecute them when they do, arm them only with beanbags instead of bullets, encourage aliens to cross the border illegally with a promise of free goodies, and have been caught arming the very drug lords that necessitate the addition of border agents, then it doesn't matter if you double, triple, quadruple, or increase by a thousand percent.

12: Appointed First Hispanic Justice Considering Bush tried to appoint the first Hispanic Justice during his terms, and was shot down by the DEMOCRATS who engaged in a campaign of lies, distortion, and general sleazery, the Usurper gets absolutely no credit for this.

13: Restored America's Standing in the world Our standing has never been worse. Our allies are furious with the Usurper, and our enemies are laughing as they take greater and greater liberties towards our destruction. To quote Ferris Bueller, "No one respects a kiss-ass." The Usurper started his reign with a tour of foreign countries, bad-mouthing the United States and sucking up to every tin-pot dictator he could find. He showed not only that he was weak, but that he had zero resolve and less interest in American interests.

14: Dealt effectively with the BP Oil Spill Only after several rounds of golf, then been dragged by the ear by public opinion...and even then, the measures he took were half-hearted and wholly ineffective, using the disaster as an excuse to cripple US oil production while bankrolling foreign oil interests.

15: Dealt effectively with the Pirate Crisis No, the NAVY dealt with the pirate crisis. Obama mostly did what he usually does: fiddle-fart around until someone else makes a decision.

16: Dealt effectively with H1N1 Seriously? You seriously want to bring the Bird Flu into this? Get this through your drug-addled heads: THERE WAS NO BIRD FLU PANDEMIC. A handful of cases in countries whose healthcare systems are barely out of the Middle Ages does NOT a pandemic make. And given how the Usurper's regime mishandled and delayed on nearly every aspect of this, if H1N1 HAD been a potential problem, MILLIONS of Americans would have died. But hey, never let a crisis go to waste, right?

17: Kept America Safe Which Americans are we talking about? Because the Usurper has declared war on over half the population here. Or are we talking about our soldiers in the multitude of warzones the the Usurper has created in Africa in the Middle East? Because the Rules of Engagement for our kids over there are getting them killed. Or maybe you refer to all the Muslim terrorists the Usurper has imported, at tax payer expense? Or possibly the Mexican drug cartels he's been arming?

18: Passed Financial Reform You're referring to Dodd/Frank? Crafted by two of the chief culprits behind the Housing meltdown? I wouldn't be crowing too loudly about this. And you'll note that the Usurper himself avoids discussing it as much as possible as well.

19: Passed a Credit-Card Bill of Rights Yes, it's always wonderful when the government forces private businesses to bend to its whim, especially when it inevitably winds up costing the average consumer. Bravo.

20: Passed Equal Pay for Women From a regime that pays its own female employees 18% less than the men who do equal or lesser work, this is RANK HYPOCRISY.

21: Nearly Wiped out Al Qaeda ALL Intelligence reports call this a flat-out lie. And there are FOUR DEAD AMERICANS who were in Libya who would certainly disagree with your assessment.

22: Killed OBL No, Obama waffled, Jarrett wanted to let him skate, and Panetta defied them both and gave the go-ahead for our boys to take the bastard out. Then Obama, in a snit, released the names of the team who did the job, endangered them and their families, and sold out the people in Pakistan who helped us find the son of a bitch.

23: Added Eight-yeas (sic) of solvency to Medicare This is so idiotic it barely warrants discussion. Medicare, Medicaid, and all other forms of welfare haven't been solvent in YEARS. There IS no solvency, not before the Usurper's reign, not during it, and there certainly won't be any after it. Again, anyone with a calculator will tell you this, provided of course that they are not employed by the regime in one manner or another.

24: Quit smoking No, he hasn't. Every insider report has him in his little man-cave, watching basketball and smoking like a chimney. And even if he had actually quit smoking, how does that make the rest of us better off, as was the claim in the title of this type-written fellatio?FAIL.

25: and got a dog After promising to save a dog from destruction, he opted instead to get one from a breeder. And speaking of the eponymous mutt, (Honestly, what kind of egomaniac names his dog after himself??) the Usurper has, on several occasions, flown his pooch separately from his family on their little get-aways, unnecessarily costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.FAIL.

So to the inbreeders at the Daily Kos: You're idiots. You have absolutely no concept of reality, or what damage you little fools have done to this great nation. You chant and sing the praises of socialism and communism, but not ONE of you have ever tried to live under such conditions. You have no clue whatsoever what you have accomplished, nor the effects it will have on future generations and the rest of the world. Go live in China or Cuba or Russia for a few years, then come back and tell us how wonderful and prosperous and free it is.

You have not chosen to make a better nation. You have chosen to get free goodies, plain and simple. Unfortunately, someone has to pay for your free ride, and the number of people who are willing and/or able to do so is dwindling at break-neck speeds. What will you do, when there is no one left from whom to mooch and steal? I'll tell you: you will whine and cry, then you will starve, then you will willingly hand over your freedom to the first bidder. And when that government decides it no longer sees any reason to give you all those free goodies, you'll have no choice. You'll have no recourse to laws designed to protect you from a tyrannical government. You'll have only what few rights your beloved Usurper gives you, if any. And then you'll wish you had listened.

You have forged the chains of your own slavery, and made them strong, then fastened the collar around your own neck. I wouldn't care, really, except that at the same time you put similar collars on me, my children, and every other American. For that, I call you traitors, and long for the day when you meet the just end of all traitors.