school shootingMy heart goes out to all the children and families involved in the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre. I sit her and think to myself how could this have been resolved and its a pretty simple solution. My wife is sitting here reading me what her Liberal friends are already posting about the need for gun control so don't give me that crap that I need to stand silent on my stance. That's one of the biggest problems we have in America today is to many citizens not willing to stand up for what is truth. The truth is the vast majority of mass shootings happen in "GUN FREE ZONES". These criminals understand well that they have the opportunity to cause maximum damage in that situation and that is why they don't frequent areas that guns are present. Gun control has failed and is not the solution like the liberals keep screaming. We know when guns are restricted for law abiding citizens that the criminals already disregard the laws. I 'm not sure what gun control rats consume in their meals that motivates them to disregard their own God given duty to protect themselves and their families. I will never let any politician dictate that I submit to a criminal attack and neither should you and neither should those who work in gun free zones.

State after state has relaxed laws and ban to the carrying of loaded guns by the law-abiding. The gun control rats told every state legislature that allowing the carrying of guns will lead to massive bloodshed. The experience of the states that allow concealed weapons has been the exact opposite of what the gun control zealots have predicted. Families are safer because they have the right to meaningful self-defense.

The gun control rats have singled out gun shows as places to to vent their rage. I challenge anyone to give a single example of a rape, robbery murder or mass shooting at any gun show in American history. Millions of guns on display at thousands of shows and not a single violent situation.

Our neighbor Mexico has had a long-standing total ban on firearms. That's not worked out too well for them or the families of the 50,000 murdered there last year by the banned firearms.


* Change the laws that make schools gun free zones.

* Train and arm volunteer teachers and staff on tactics to stop this kind if insanity

* Train students and staff to properly act in this kind of situation just like training for a fire drill.

* Broadcast to the world that our schools are citizen protected

Like I said pretty simple solution without infringing on our rights as law abiding citizens. You would see these type of mass shootings end over night.

The gun control rats got the grand idea to create and mark Gun Free Zones where gun possession is not allowed. The vast majority of massacres in the last two or three decades are in these Gun Free Zones where the out law maniacs are well protected by the government! Like I said my heart and prayers go up to the children and out to the families involved in this act of terrorism but I can't let the liberals be the only voice when I have the platform I have that allows me a voice. ~Rambo